Linux development

Nohau offer "Best of the Class software development tools" for embedded Linux platforms

With Lauterbach TRACE 32 debugger you can debug and trace both Linux kernel and drivers and also Linux processes at the same time:  

  • Full transparency between user space and kernel space  
  • No overhead or intrusion is added to the system  
  • Full control of both physical and logical memory  
  • Multi process and thread handling  
  • Step back from a segmentation fault to reveal the cause  
  • Complex breakpoints can be set – without affecting the system  
  • Multicore debug support both SMP and AMP  
  • Real time trace and performance analyze  

The Linux awareness provides easy access to task lists and other kernel information generates performance analysis data and enables you to do a most effective debugging with the TRACE32 systems on targets running Linux. This awareness supports all Linux distributions, bundles and platforms using the Linux kernel and Android.  

DS-5 Linux Edition for ARM-powered Linux and Android™ platforms  

DS-5 is Eclipse based Suite including: gcc-compiler, debugger, Streamline analyzer, Device Configuration Database and Simulation.  

Device database available for ARM9, ARM11 and Cortex-A8, A9 helps you to start development directly from box.

Functional Safety  

Nohau offer testing tools for projects having functional safety request.


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