Rational Rhapsody

Do you need to bring products and software to market quicker than ever? With a shrinking development budget? Nohau have helped many teams do this with Rhapsody, a modelling tool that automates many tasks, e.g. prototyping, code generation, simulation and test designs.

You might need it when …

  • Your products involve complex integration of electronics, mechanics and software.
  • Your team faces strict safety or regulatory requirements.
  • You wish to ensure that your final design is as close as possible to your requirements for function and features.
  • You need a seamless handover between systems engineering and software development.
  • You wish to find the errors during development – before system testing.
  • You want to re-use existing designs and software.

Features – What does it do?

  • Visualizes requirements.
  • Eliminates defects through simulation and continuously testing the design.
  • Re-uses legacy designs and software.
  • Automatically generates code and documentation, keeping them in sync.

Benefits – Why would I use it?

  • Lowering costs and time-to-market through automation.
  • Satisfy and document regulatory requirements
  • Enabling the user to specify systems and software designs graphically to abstract away complexity.
  • Enhance collaboration between system engineers, programmers and testers.
  • Allowing for re-use of existing software and models IP.
  • Continuously validate the system as it is being built through simulation.
  • Produce full production code from the model for real-time systems.


Contact at Nohau

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Joakim Nilsson (SE, NO)

phone: +46 40 59 22 08

Leevi Lehtinen (FI)

phone: +358 40 546 1469

Henrik Andersen (DK)

phone: +45 44 52 16 61

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