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Are you using licensed material such as open source and third party code as part of your software development process? Not sure if your company is owning the code you are using?

With the Protex system, developers, legal counsel, and management can easily control the introduction of licensed material into their code base and manage the licensing requirements of the many various third party and open source components. 

Mixed code development which is the combination of third party assets, open source software and/or proprietary programming components, is an integral part of today's software development environment. However, coordinating the use and having the knowledge to navigate through a maze of intellectual property (IP) rights can be extremely challenging. 

The Protex platform simplifies every aspect of this otherwise daunting and time consuming process by automating component approval within your software. Protex identifies potential license conflicts, highlights discrepancies between business policies and IP usage, and provides a framework for tracking issue resolution. 

Get a Black Duck Code Label™ of your Software IP!!

Similar to ingredient labels found on common food items, the Black Duck Code Label provides information about the composition of your code. Utilizing the power of Protex, the Black Duck Code Label indicates the existence of open source code, how much there is, and what licenses are relevant to each component. 

The Black Duck Code Label presents accurate information in an easy to understand format that can be communicated throughout an organization. This accessibility to data and the ability for collaboration allows companies to reduce business risks by better managing code reuse and accelerate time to market by providing information that will speed negotiations and more easily facilitate the release process.

Key Black Duck Protex features: 

  • Reduces business risks by guiding your personnel in the daily use of licensed software components
  • Accelerates software development by enabling your developers to reuse quality open source and commercial software components on a large scale, reducing time-to-market
  • Minimizes business costs by reducing personnel and development costs as your organization becomes proactive in the management of component software
  • Efficiently identifies software IP issues that arise during development and provides a way to track the resolution of each issue
  • Provides a collaborative environment in which legal counsel and the development team can efficiently access the information they need to make decisions
  • Automates compliance and corporate IP policies by enabling the implementation of a repeatable business process to support your corporate compliance polices


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