The Quality Choice for Automated Regression and Functional Software Testing

SilkTest is the proven choice of QA professionals for powerful, functional and regression test automation. Intuitive GUI record-and-play capabilities, coupled with a stable, easy-to-use testing language, enables you to build functional and regression tests that do not break with minor changes to the applicatio - a problem that makes most functional testing tools too costly to implement.

SilkTest delivers time-tested stability and support for major enterprise environments in a cost-effective package, making automated regression and functional software testing a key capability instead of an expensive option.

Automated Regression and Functional Software Testing Capabilities

  • A single, automated functional testing tool tests a broad range of enterprise technologies and environments—without costly connectors, adaptors or add-ins.
  • A wizard-driven toolbar workflow enables novice users to develop useful tests quickly.
  • Robust, resilient tests are supported by a flexible, object-oriented, fourth-generation scripting language designed expressly for automated testing.
  • Unicode support allows localization testing of global applications on multiple platforms with a single script.
  • A built-in, customizable error-recovery system returns systems to pre-failure state and resumes testing, unlike other tools that leave systems unstable with unexecuted tests.
  • Cost-saving "runtimes" allow you to run tests on many agent machines, unlike competitive tools that require full-cost licenses.
  • TrueLog™-based visual reports simplify problem diagnosis when you find defects.
  • Integration with software test management tool delivers enhanced management capabilities that support a mature and complete functional and regression testing process.
  • New, next generation Open Agent providing support for Flex/AMF3 and Windows-based applications.
  • Built-in support for testing Adobe Flex applications using Internet Explorer, Firefox, the Standalone Flex Player, and Adobe AIR.
  • Animated Run Mode to provide 'slow motion' playback of test scripts.

Functional Testing of Web Services

Functional testing of Web services in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) requires the ability test without a user interface. Borland delivers this capability with SilkPerformer SOA Edition.



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